Audi S3 & VW Golf R

Audi S3 & VW Golf R

Let's see...Where do we even begin?!

A couple years ago we got an S3 as a "company car". We saw the huge potential here and went in search of a way to upgrade the turbo and go for more power. We saw APR's stage 3 option and thought, wow...let's build one ourselves, but finding cores and major components was difficult at the time. 

Long story short, a couple years later and higher demand, we were able to source everything we need to get it done. And finally, here we are!

Why MHI? 

MHI turbos are used throughout many platforms. MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy industries) provides oem turbos that come factory from Subaru, Mitsubishi, Porsche, and many more. They are reliable, time tested, proven to make power! 

Best of all, We have specialized in rebuilding and upgrade MHI turbos for over 10 years.

Dont fall for cheap chinese turbos, These are OEM quality builds!