(Audi S3/Golf R) STAGE 3 Billet - Major IS38+ Turbo upgrade

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Audi S3 (8v) & VW Golf R

Legit and affordable Bolt-on Turbochargers capable of 500 hp.

IHI IS38 mated with a rock solid MHI powerplant/components? You get  an Incredibly reliable and quick spooling IHI-MHI Billet-TD06SL2 hybrid turbocharger. These components are time tested and proven on many platforms, including countless 450-500hp EVO X builds!


 *must be used with a tune and supporting mods which include and are not limited to: Downpipe, exhaust, intake, intercooler upgrade.

*Please allow for 5-10 business days for shipping

*turbos are usually built to order


Additional Specs:

  • 53mm / 71mm billet Compressor wheel


  *Dealers and Tuners Welcome*