FAQ for 3/S owners

Got questions? Send them to us. We’d love to answer them.  
Q: Why should I upgrade my turbo? 
A: Because your car is too slow! Turbos are probably the most cost effective way to provide some serious boost to your car. For reference: I’m running on 15Gs on a bone stock VR4 without the hotwired pump and I have no issues with these even up to 7krpm (no fuel cut). These are great even if your 9Bs are shot and you have a cheap manual boost controller. 
Q: What kind of power do these turbos generate? Has anyone been dyno’d with these turbos? What were your numbers? (15G) 
A: 15Gs typically generate up to 450-500 awhp with supporting modifications. 
Q: Is your supply limited? How long can I expect to take advantage of these glorious prices? 
A: We are committed to the ideals of quality workmanship and affordability. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t act now. We’ll continue to offer these promotional prices through the end of Q3’2018. 
Q: How soon would I need to ship you back my cores? 
A: Any time before or after the sales transaction – core refunds will be given once we receive your cores. **Cores must be in rebuildable condition. 
Q: I don’t know much about turbos, but I was told I need to replace mine by my mechanic.  Are these turbos direct bolt-on? I know some are, but you need to replace lines that are not bendable or something like that. I need some that can bolt-on with nothing else needed. Thanks. 
A: These turbos are indeed direct bolt-on. No modifications are needed in the engine bay. However, new oil feed lines, whether OEM or aftermarket, is highly recommended. 
Q: What are the differences between upgrading a 9B to a 15G or 19T? What are the different parts? 
A: They have similar builds, but the compressors and the bearing housing (chra) for the 19Ts are machined to house a larger compressor wheel. Both 15GS and 19Ts are built with all MHI parts, upgraded thrust bearings, and are balanced with a VSR balancing machine. 
Q: Do you know the max power they can generate? 
A: 15G wheels can generate over 405 cfm and I’ve seen them get to 450 awhp. Some claim to have 500 awhp with an impressive list of supporting modifications and tuning. However, to be frank, I’d like to say 400 awhp is plenty of power for “out” cars and these 15Gs are perfect for that. I would definitely recommend modifying everything else (i.e. brakes, tranny, clutch, etc.) if you’re trying to get over 400 awhp. Also, the Billet 19ts can make 600 awhp! That's nearly 700 at the crank!!