BMW 335i (N54) BILLET Twin Turbo upgrade

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BMW 335i (N54) Billet Twin Turbo upgrade

Bolt-On 700 whp on a stock block and Tune? YES!

Want to go big without the major supporting mod demands of a single? Want a little less attention and risk if you get pulled over? These are less risky, make huge power, keep stock look under the hood, and are way more reliable than the single turbo setup. If your goals aren't over the 700hp mark, than these will do really well with your build! We still recommend supporting mods and a built lower for anything 650whp and over.


-Built to order.

-Very fast spooling, low lag (unlike single turbo setup)

-Daily driveable and linear throttle response with a good tune (not an on and off switch)

-Reliable like OEM factory turbos

-OEM spec and quality turbo builds

-Time tested and proven design

-proven oem and race applications

-Much easier installation than single (save the headache unless you want more than 700hp)

 -Currently no core charge!!

*Currently being private labeled but not exclusively sold to dealers

*dealers welcome  - Call for details  818-478-5262

*Please allow for 5-10 business days for shipping

*limited 1 year warranty